Special Double Feature

Un Tricolore A Stelle E Strisce
(An Italian Flag with Stars and Stripes)

Book Presentation by Giovanni Pellerito and Peter Zullo

You are cordially invited to attend a special double feature at the Museum featuring a presentation by Giovanni Pellerito and Peter Zullo on their latest book titled, “Italians: Un Tricolore A Stelle E Strisce (An Italian Flag with Stars and Stripes) and a musical performance by Italian singer Michéal Castaldo who will be presenting his latest cd titled, “Bergamot: Like a Breath of Fresh Air”.

Italians: An Italian Flag with Stars and Stripes seeks to tell the story of Little Italy through the eyes, the looks, the stories and the colors of Italians living in Little Italy today. The book features an introduction by the Museum's Founder and President, Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa, who summed up the work of the two authors with these words:
“It has been said that Italians found America, named it and built it, but more than that, they believed in it, not only as a land with great opportunity but as a place where they could be free to be the creative, talented, dedicated people they are. After all, it is in their DNA.” “Giovanni Pellerito and Peter Zullo have captured their spirit of devotion to quality of life through words and pictures which make the Italian story come alive.”

Copies of the book will be available for sale and signing.

Thursday, September 5th, 7:00PM

Acclaimed Italian Singer

Musical performance featuring songs from Michéal's latest cd titled, “Bergamot: Like a Breath of Fresh Air”

Please join us for a special musical performance by independent Classical Crossover artist Michéal Castaldo. Michéal's latest cd, Bergamot, is a lively, upbeat recording of original, Calabrian folk, Italian classics and classic American hit songs, all sung in the Calabrian language. The music on this cd preserves Michéal's southern Italian culture, is very unique and creative and features Mediterranean tempos which bring in a flavor of Greek, Byzantine and Spanish influence.

Copies of the cd will be available for sale and signing.

Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
(Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets)
New York, NY 10013

Suggested donation of $10

To reserve a place for this special double feature, please call the
Italian American Museum at (212) 965-9000
email: ItalianAmericanMuseum@gmail.com

For information on the Museum's Travel Program, please call (718) 597-1414
or email: JRusso-Winner@ItalianAmericanMuseum.org
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