Enjoy spring festivities in Heyri Art Village

A picturesque view of Heyri’s modern architecture (Photo courtesy of Heyri Art Village Information Center)

“Art Road 77,” an alternative art and design fair, which blends the spirit of creativity and sharing, is set to take place from May 14 to June 12 at Heyri Art Village in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

Named after National Road 77, also known as Jayuro or “Freedom Road,” connecting Seoul with the northern Gyeonggi area, Art Road 77 was first initiated in 2009. Now in its third year, a total of twelve art galleries in Heyri Art Village, including Art Factory and Keumsan Gallery, are participating in the event and representing 77 emerging artists.

Also on view are artworks by 26 established artists, including Bae Bien-u, a special furniture exhibition and works by young artists from Daegu. The “Craft & Objet 77” exhibition, a new addition, will feature works by Rhode Island School of Design students who took part in the “Pojagi and Beyond” lecture series, taught by Korean-born fiber artist Lee Chunghie.

“Pojagi and Beyond” projects by RISD students (from left) Kim Hee-min, Kim Tae-kyung, and Shally Jerome (Photo courtesy of the Art Road 77 Art Fair 2011 Organizing Committee)

Art Road 77 is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the city of Paju and other organizations. The proceeds from the event will be donated to “Save the Children,” an international nonprofit organization committed to the rights of children. Admission is 4000 won.

Heyri Art Village is home to some of Korea’s most dedicated artists, architects and authors, forming a creative residential and artistic space filled with studios, concert halls, galleries, museums, bookstores and cafés. The village, located less than an hour from Seoul, provides a place for people to appreciate both nature and culture. For more information, please call +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese) or visit the official website at: www.heyri.net (Korean and English).

By Hwang Dana
Korea.net Staff Writer

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