ARLES CONTEMPORAIN / LES PIONNIERS / Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation / July – September

This summer at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, we invite you to take a step aside, to change your point of view. We invite you to ask yourself the question: If there are no more Terra Incognita or “great explorers”… who are the real Pioneers today?

Human beings have fragmented, monitored, and exploited land, air, and sea spaces. Exit the Terra Incognita, the cards are full. It’s time to reshuffle them! We want to give voice to men and women who think outside the boundaries of their own limits. Outside of society’s glaringly established norms regarding humanity as the central or most important figure of existence. Or as it relates to the scientific study of human proportionally, mechanically and spiritually.

The 6 exhibitions that we are presenting invite you to question our physical, mental, and spiritual limits through the works of Mathias Benguigui & Agathe Kalfas, Wu Cheng-Chang,  Sylvie Léget, Andréa Mantovani, Pablo Ernesto Piovano and the archives of Boris Vian.

Here you’ll find out collective human stories of survival because, without them, life would be meaningless. And right now, we all need a little bit of hope.

To also support the Arlesian creators, this summer,the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation has decided to open its doors and its arms to many artists, craftsmen, journalists and other recyclers of ideas, objects, spaces.

This joyful empirical and improbable grouping, made up of many disciplines, has been named ACT as an ode to the passing, or perhaps to the missed act, or maybe even ACT-ivism… These spaces will be bustling all summer long to the

rhythm of happenings, evolutionary exhibits, ephemeral invitations.

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