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Dear i-Italy readers,

these days we too find ourselves in a difficult, surreal condition, as if we were holding our breath. In the coming weeks we will continue to update the site, and work together on our social media. But we asked ourselves what else we could do to leave an Italian mark at this difficult moment.

So, together with the communication company Italian Hub, we joined the renowned Italian advertiser Pasquale Diaferia, Creative Chairman of Special Team, to launch a social campaign: #STANDUPFORITALY.

The goal of #STANDUPFORITALY is to heal the image of Italy abroad, hit with particular violence by an epidemic which is also paralyzing the economic activities of the “most beautiful country in the world” .

“Consider it an antivirus campaign, a vaccine that blocks prejudices about our country and creates antibodies that will help rebuild our national reputation and resume productive, cultural and tourist activities,” said Pasquale Diaferia

#STANDUPFORITALY is a simple idea: it is an invitation addressed to American and Italian opinion leaders and influencers to create short video messages of support for Italy. They are simple messages, made with a smartphone. Each testifies to the reasons why we all love and appreciate Italy. “We are launching a very specific invitation: just tell us why you trust Italy and the founding values of Italian lifestyle, in particular the centrality of human relationships,” said Letizia Airos, editor-in-chief of i-Italy and CEO of Your Italian Hub.

The first messages arrived on the night of March 15 from well-known personalities such as Mauro Porcini, Vice President and Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo., the writer and film critic Antonio Monda, and Stefano Albertini, Director of the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò of New York University, Nancy Olnick & Giorgio Spanu Co-Founders of Magazzino Italian Art.

After a few hours the well-known director and photographer Francesco Carrozzini joined, and so did Karim Rashid, one of the greatest living industrial designers. And then John Viola & Rossella Rago of the Italian American Podcast, NY1’s Roma Torre and many others. A very large and heterogeneous group of people is responding, made of artists and intellectuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and import-export operators.

And Italy too is beginning to respond to our campaign, with the writer Erri De Luca and Patrizia Asproni, President of the Fondazione Industria e Cultura of Rome.

It will be a wave, a real injection of trust and hope for Italy!


At this link you will find many of the participants collected. The page is constantly updated. WWW.STANDUPFORITALY.ORG

Below – to get an idea – only 5 of the videos that are circulating on social media.


At this link you will find many of the participants collected. The page is constantly updated. WWW.STANDUPFORITALY.ORG

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