The Life & Times of Enrico Caruso (Thurs, 12/21)

Cordially invites you to attend

The Life and Times of Caruso

A lecture on the life of opera legend

Enrico Caruso

and a screening of the silent film

My Cousin

Presented by

Comm. Aldo Mancusi

Founder and President

Enrico Caruso Museum of America

Thursday, December 21st, 6:30 PM

Refreshments will be served

About the film:

My Cousin (1918, 50 min.) is an American silent drama directed by Edward José and written by Margaret Turnbull. The film stars Enrico Caruso, Henry Leone, Carolina White, Joseph Riccardi, A.G. Corbelle, and Bruno Zirato.

Sincere but struggling sculptor Tommasso (played by Caruso) works in an ornamental plaster shop, but his masterpiece on the side is a bust of his cousin Caroli (also played by Caruso), who is the Metropolitan Opera's leading tenor. Tommasso hopes to marry his model Rosa, but her father, restaurant owner Pietro, wants her to find someone more settled and money-conscious, such as the greengrocer Lombardi down the street. Tommasso, he says, throws away his money, such as for a pair of tickets to take Rosa to the opera to see his famed cousin. After the opera, the cousins cross paths in the swanky Galeotto's restaurant, but when neither recognizes the other, Tommasso is generally mocked and Rosa believes him a liar and unworthy. Tommasso must recover his reputation and make a sale, preferably the Caroli bust to his cousin, in order to win Rosa back.

Thursday, December 21st, 6:30 PM

Italian American Museum

155 Mulberry Street

(Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets)

New York, NY 10013

Suggested donation of $10 per person

For reservations, please call the

Italian American Museum at 212.965.9000,


or Fax: 347.810.1028


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