600th anniversary of the martyrdom of John Huss. Open letter to President of the Czech Republic M. Zeman and ex-President V. Klaus

Dear representatives of the Czech nation!

First of all, let me thank You on my behalf and on behalf of all honest Czechs at home and abroad for Your courage to resist the pressure of lies and to stand in defence of the truth. I have to tell You that You are held in high regard among honest Russians as well as Ukrainians who are not under the “narcotic” influence of mediocracy.
Mass media in the hands of liars are a means of brainwashing. That suits the purposes of neofascist globalizers who pursue destruction of the nation, family and individuals whom they want to turn into biorobots, alcoholics, drug addicts and sexual perverts dying an early death – euthanasia.
NWO (New World Order) architects constantly change the laws on the basis of deceit. Sober-minded people ask themselves: Why should a just and effective law be changed? Why do they introduce a new law which legalizes crime by using ambiguous terms and creates an opportunity for an abuse of law, the result being that evil and criminals are privileged and the overwhelming majority of society is tyrannized? An example is the so-called anti-discrimination laws. If anyone defends a child against a homosexual or paedophile, he is labelled as a homophobe or paedophobe and put to prison. What is more, if one just says something against a deviant, he is charged with crime. It’s like the end of the world! A deviant can even inform against anyone if he supposes that the person concerned thinks something bad about him! The accused person is then obliged to defend and humiliate himself before the pervert who becomes a superman. This neofascism is already showing its teeth in Ukraine. Democracy and freedom of speech have turned into empty phrases. In fact, total control and total dictatorship are gaining ground. Every church representative should raise an alarm! The EU privileges homosexuality, which has already become a priority of U.S. foreign policy. Both Europe and America still declare themselves to be Christian territories but the opposite becomes true. They are now antichristian territories.
Being silent, the apostate Vatican approves the ideology of the New World Order (NWO) governed by Freemasons and U.S. bankers. It is Satanism which, little by little, perpetrates global holocaust. The programme of the Masons of the Club of Rome is a so-called “golden billion”, which means that 5-6 billion people should be “reduced”! How? By means of homosexuality, transsexuality, pandemic, vaccination using untested or deliberately harmful vaccines, legalization of narcotics, and finally euthanasia for worthless people. Neither the Vatican nor the Czech Bishops’ Conference nor the Council of Churches in the Czech Republic had the courage to stand in defence of moral, humane values and Christian principles. On the other hand, both of You, though being no clerics, have acted as sober-minded men and stood in defence of the truth. The flag over the Prague Castle bears the inscription “Truth Prevails”. Both of You fight for the truth and suffer wrongs done to You by professional liars and demagogues. On 6 July 1415, 600 years ago, the priest John Huss suffered and was burnt at the stake for the sake of truth, and became a symbol of the fight for truth!
We would like to propose that You declare the whole year 2015 to be the year of commemoration of the martyrdom of the Bohemian priest John Huss. Russian President V. Putin has declared the year 2015 as the year of St Vladimir, who introduced Christianity and Christian legislation in Russia (see Open letter to V. Putin http://vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=9651).
In 2013, Kievan Rus commemorated the (1025th) anniversary of the Baptism of St Vladimir. On 6 July 2013, John Milic of Kromeriz, Bohemian priest and reformer, preacher of truth and repentance, spiritual father of John Huss, was declared a saint in front of the ancient St Sophia Church in Kiev (see http://vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=6372). One could hear the legendary song “Who are God’s warriors and of His law”. His feast is celebrated on 6 July, i.e. the day of the Czech national feast of John Huss. It by no means overshadows this memorable day but rather highlights it. In fact, the reason why Huss died was that he wanted to put an end to abuses in the Church and scandals caused by the clergy.
Pope John Paul II allowed the spread of neo-modernist heresy which destroys the essence of Christianity, questions the inspiration of the Bible and Divinity of Christ, and he himself promoted the spirit of syncretism with paganism through the spirit of Assisi. He should be burnt at the stake as a superheretic for this all. But he was declared a saint! John Huss and John Milic fought against abuses among the clergy. Pharisaism of people of the world is bad but pharisaism of the clergy is literally demonic! Religious Pharisees crucified Jesus Christ. Religious Pharisees stoned the Apostle Paul and sought to kill him. Religious Pharisees condemned Joan of Arc to death by burning at a stake and after a period of time the Church declared her a saint! It must be admitted that John Huss fought for the truth and against abuses. His death is a death of a martyr for the sake of truth! The jubilee year should be a year when each Catholic priest should break with religious pharisaism by true metanoia and stand in defence of Christ, who is the Truth incarnate (Jn 14:6). They should stand against the heresies of the apostate Vatican, i.e. neo-Modernism, and against the spirit of Assisi syncretism. This is what John Huss – a martyr for truth’s sake – would do today! Huss would also fight against paedophilia among the clergy, which spreads from America through Ireland to Australia, and he would call gender schizophrenia or gender demonism by its proper name. Today, unfortunately, priests like T. Halik not only keep silent but even promote this devastation of the faith and morals! Halik, a super-Catholic and a super-heretic at the same time, would label Huss as a bigoted fundamentalist and religious fanatic. On the other hand, he would be able to establish Huss’ reputation in a most efficient manner. Halik declared himself to be both – a Buddhist and a Catholic. He views truth and lie as one and the same in accordance with his experience of koan!
So, let the year 2015 be a year of repentance above all for Catholics, but for the Hussite Church as well. Both of the Churches betrayed the truth of the Gospel as well as the moral truth! John Huss was burnt at the stake because he preached a reform, and not heresies, and showed the way of truth!
May there be true Hussites among the Catholics, too, who will stand in defence of truth and moral values and resist globalizing autogenocide of nations!
May God’s warriors and of His law arise in the Czech Republic and in all Europe in the upcoming jubilee year! May the jubilee year be a year of the fight for truth even in the sphere of mediocracy, family life and the life of the whole Czech society!
Dear Czech Presidents, do fight bravely for the truth, remain an example for the nation, be true Hussites! Truth will prevail in the end! Once You will receive an eternal reward from God!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops of the Patriarchate

see http://vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?page_id=9564

8 December 2014
Donetsk, Monastery of the Resurrection

Copies to:
– Presidents of EU Member States and MEPs
– Bishops in EU Member States
– Priests in the Czech Republic
– Mass media

Byzantine Patriarchate
http://vkpatriarhat.org.ua, uogcc.org.ua, byzcathpatriarchate@gmail.com

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