Just a dirty trick the McCain-Vicki Iseman well timed story

HOUSTON, Texas – There is a common agreement in the Americans of both left and right and it is on the idea that finally the US need to change and grow up. Our Country is no longer the settlement of the Plymouth plantation and of the Scarlet Letter and American bigotry has been the object of foreign criticism for far too long now. Of course it is not a matter of throwing in the thrash can all of the moral principles and ethics that a politician, and especially the leader of a country should try always to adopt in his political action, but it is simply out of the reality of our times and hypocrite to theorize that human beings in the course of their entire life should be always a replica of Christ and the perfection on earth. History gives us abundant evidence that also great men who have changed the world and who have given an important contribution to the improvement of mankind have had their weaknesses and moments of uncertainty from King David on and in the age of GPS and spacewalks it is simply disgusting to witness again and again these well orchestrated initiatives aiming at undercutting a good competitor in the presidential race, who has already given a lot to his Country and who still has a lot more to give.
Senator McCain who has suffered and has been damaged enough by similar personal attacks in 2000 must be careful, not so much because the democrats have started to define ” McCain doctrine ” the idea to send more troops in Iraq, but because also others could try to overturn the clear verdict of the people who have already made of him the candidate chosen by the Republican Party for the final confrontation with the Democrat opponent. The attack of the New York Times has a clear characteristic that betrays its very questionable purpose and that is the timing. It is simply unbelievable, in fact, that an alleged episode that took place eight years ago comes just now to the surface, when it is especially needed, to take out of the race an important competitor who has already obtained the popular favor for his nomination. This attack to the Republican nominee and this belated revelation of his romantic link with telecommunications lobbyist Vicki Iseman is in effect typical of the modus operandi of the mob and of their way to eliminate dangerous opponents and it is especially unjustifiable in the best kind of press that acts in the best interest of the Country.
Personally I do not believe in cold files in the field of political arena and these initiatives tend to act more like unforgiving boomerangs that end up striking back the naive hit men who had hoped to destroy their victim. It is natural and one can certainly understand that an electoral competition with a goal so high can be fought tenaciously and with the use of all the means at one's disposal, what however cannot be justified is that someone can resort to the use of dirty tricks that are so evident that the person or organization who pulls them out of the illusionist's hat should be even ashamed for trying.


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